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ExpoCharger International, Inc. (ECI)
Online event management software. Your show. Your tools. Your way. Your show. Your tools. Your way. Online event management software.


"We increased our sales by 250 companies, and we credit that in part to EXPOCAD Web. New companies, searching for marketing and tradeshow opportunities, quickly converted to first time exhibitors after viewing our exhibit site."
NRPA Exhibits Manager Cynthia Davis, CEM
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ECI has established close working relationships with select companies to serve as our exclusive sales and customer support force. ECI authorized distributors are able to independently promote, sell and support ECI products. We require that our distributors offer focused, value-added services or solutions, and that they share ECI's commitment to customer satisfaction. Distributors undergo complete training to ensure they posess the requisite sales and support skills.

   Authorized Distributors

Applied Computer Technology, Inc. (A.C.T.)

A.C.T., maker of EXPOCAD®, is an authorized distributor of ExpoCharger® and ConferernceCharger®.

EXPOCAD Web ExpoCharger, branded as EXPOCAD Web, and EXPOCAD are fully integrated and work together seamlessly, providing event organizers a complete solution for selling booth space, maintaining the floor plan, tracking financials, and getting the complete event online.

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